Best Top 5 Up-and-Coming Music Video Directors 2023

Music Videos are still key to promotion in 2023. This post highlights five music video directors who’ve made their mark producing or directing promotional clips in 2022, and point to the visual trends that await the industry in 2023.
While it’s all a matter of personal taste, we’ve ranked these music video directors based on the following factors: quality, style, and creativity.


Em Cooper

Artist and director Em Cooper explores the space between dreaming and wakefulness for this classic Beatles track, imbuing the clip with her “oil paint” animation and flowing visual dynamics. Cooper is one to watch out for in 2023.
Quality: 100% | Style 100% | Creativity 95%


Yes Please Productions, Ltd.

Co-directors Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy have combined archival footage with their “lyric video” expertise to create breathtaking catalog music videos.
Their company Yes Please Productions, Ltd. also created the popular Rolling Stones lyric videos released over the past few years. Yes Please is another company to keep an eye on in 2023.
Quality: 95% | Style 100% | Creativity 90%


Winston Hacking

Wunderkind Winston Hacking uses a unique animated “collage” style to craft psychedelic music videos. The Canadian director has created videos for Run The Jewels and Flying Lotus. With more creative animation techniques brewing, Hacking is sure to be a hot director in 2023.
Quality: 90% | Style 93% | Creativity 90%


J.J. Stratford / TeleFantasy Studios

DIY Director Jennifer Juniper Stratford uses analog video artistry techniques to craft creative music videos through her production company, TeleFantasy Studios. Stratford has cut her teeth on high-cred indie acts (Seth Bogart, The Paranoyds) and is ready for big time in 2023.
Quality: 90% | Style 95% | Creativity 98%


Wartella / Dream Factory Animation

Animator and Director Wartella has produced and directed clips for acts including The White Stripes and Ozzy Osbourne. As co-director (with Todd McFarlane) he brought to life Osbourne’s hand-drawn artwork in the mind-numbing “Patient Number 9” musical solo (featuring Jeff Beck). The clip marks Wartella’s third consecutive music video to advance a #1 Billboard album. His production company Dream Factory Animation handles the production of both live-action and animated elements for his music videos. Look for Wartella to be another rising star in the music video genre in 2023.
Quality: 90% | Style 100% | Creativity 100%
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